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it's finished~~~~~
me and my friend have been working on a music video of mine ;) it's finally finished!!

it's my song from my 3rd album ;)


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The MV has a dark feeling! And oh, btw, when I checked out your soundcloud, I realized that you're more into making music without lyrics. So what inspires you the most to make music ? And which is harder, making music without or with lyrics?

I think I ask too much -_-;

hahaha no no it's fine ;)

yeah it is very dark.. the song is about religions, wars, brainwashing, .. very political and complicated issues.

for now, i am making instrumental music but on my 1st and 2nd album, i sang too ;) 3rd album i rapped.. 4th will be .. i don't know yet ;) we will see!

what inspires me? just thinking about things.. like daydreaming.. and listening to different music in variety..!
;) i like instrumental music, because i don't have to worry about singing or my voice.. >0

Did you really compose this yourself?? I really liked it:) and I read your other reply and now I am curious as to what your beliefs are lmao.

yes i did ;) and video was done by my friend warren bates hahaha my beliefs? loooooong story ;D

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